''It's important to come up with a design we can both be proud of.'' 

My name is Lisa Leunge

The creative brain who designed all projects you will find on this website.


After following the course Interactive Graphic Design on Cibap in Zwolle for two years I decided to start my own design studio along with my study. I've been lucky to have gained quite some experience in these two years. I was able to work at one of the greatest design studios in Drenthe as an intern and work on several projects. I also learned about working abroad on the beautiful island Malta.


I love to discover new things and make sure I do so in every project I work on. I think it's important to design something that really fits the client. Something I can present proudly as my own work.

The process

Step 1

It all starts with your idea. What did you have in mind? Do you have a concrete idea or are you not sure where to start? I'll help you with the first step towards the design process.

Step 2

Let's start designing! Time for me to get to work. I'll give you the chance to give feedback and together we will design something awesome! 

Stap 3

I deliver all designs but that doesn't mean the end of our collaboration. I'll always be there for any questions and new ideas!